Suspended shattered light bulbs - 12ft tall by VENSPACE (Ashley Wallis)

My final piece from my foundation year was the end result of looking into the destructive nature of the elements, particularly fire and ice. I developed an obsession with the strength and dominative form of a tornado after seeing the “fire tornado” at the MAGNA science center, and was a shape i continually revisited throughout the project.

Tornados consist of a large mass that is suspended above the world that sends a looming threatening presence, but at the same time have a beautiful order to their chaos, these feelings i wanted to translate to my work. My main weapon was scale. The shattered glass gives the sense of something fragile has been broken and is in a delicate state but at the same time is now potentially a danger.

Light helped build the perfect atmosphere. In the dark, the light entered the bulbs as though they were lit from within and the whole piece glowed. The addition of gel filters enhanced the mood drastically, reiterating my original inspiration of fire and ice.